"Now I know why Steve Mariucci says the toughest job in the NFL is that of the coach's wife. Shannon O'Toole gives a powerful voice to the often highly-educated NFL woman, whose own career is put on hold, while her husband works 80-100 hours a week from training camp through the playoffs. But what makes her book particularly effective is that it goes much further, explaining non-guaranteed contracts, backloaded contracts, and why these contracts are typically not what they appear to be to the average fan."

- Steve Bitker, KCBS, San Francisco


Shannon O'Toole did an amazing job portraying the real lives of NFL women in her book. I can't think of an aspect of life in the NFL, from my perspective, that wasn't touched upon. In this easy to read book, you will learn about the struggles many couples face getting into the NFL, the reality of what life is like once they get there, and what happens when the game is over. She is extremely candid.  Shannon's research, along with being an NFL insider, allowed her to represent life in the NFL as well as I have ever seen. Being the wife of an NFL player, I did not realize how many couples struggled and achieved success as a team. It was comforting to know that while the stories may vary many of our experiences are the same. I am proud to be a part of this book and I will be proud to share it with my family and friends. 

- Julianne Player, AZ Cardinals


"I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

" Shannon's book, Wedded to the Game, is an amazing, revealing, and accurate account of life as a pro sports wife. Her warm, friendly, supportive, "tell-it-like-it is" book is refreshingly candid; truthful; and very humorous. It will make you laugh and cry! The wives' interviews are spectacular in their sincerity, and their stories are revealing, and rich in details."

- Gena James Pitts, Publisher, The Professional Sports Wives Magazine; President, The Professional Sports Wives Association


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